Soledad O’Brien Speaks at USF : Inspiring Hope

I had the opportunity to hear Soledad O’Brien Award-winning journalist and documentarian speak at University of South Florida’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Week. First, I have always been a fan of O’Brien. She has taken the time to shed light on the untold stories of African Americans in the United States, especially when most find the topic to be too hot to tackle. What is so meaningful about her work is the manner in which she captures the “realness” of people’s stories. When I watch her documentaries, I don’t feel that the truth is hidden and I can relate to the issues that we so often do not want to be shared in the public eye. She began her relaxed and down to earth talk by sharing her studies of the life of Dr. King during some of his most prominent moments. Then she spoke about her methodology and challenges in creating the documentaries that she is so well know for.

Oh I got to take a picture with her! Truthfully, I am fortunate to have taught one of her children. You can tell a lot about who a person  when you experience who they are through their children before you even meet them. For a while I didn’t even know I was teaching her child! ( That’s a whole other story!)


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